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Special Sneaker Club is a place where sneaker enthusiasts from all over the world can meet, buy, sell and definitely have some good time.
SSC is a family that live now on online, but soon will have its own house in Milano, a place that every member from around the world can call home.
We really want to create a real community of 1k person that breathe & live sneakers.

1k people that proudly show to everybody to be part of an elite, to be part of the best family a man (a woman too obviously) could desire.

Our aim is really to speak to true collectors and kick addicts, people that like to share their knowledge and help the other brothers to be a better ‘sneakerhead’. People that like to spread the sneaker culture in a proper way.

It’s really a big effort and an extremely ambitious project from our side, but the incredible feedback we received is giving us a lof ot new enegergies. And it only push us in order to think bigger & bigger.

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