Special Sneaker Club is an exclusive community dedicated to the development and promotion of the sneakers culture.

Born from an idea of Stefano Pomogranato, founder of the historic Special Milano. SCC is divided in three main thematic areas: The Expo, The Lounge and The Factory.

The Expo area is based on the presentation of temporary exhibitions by various collectors and focuses on the history of sneakers with a series of unique and exclusive events. Moreover, in this space it will also be possible to buy limited edition products and unique pieces from all over the world.

The Lounge a shoe cleaning service will be offered based on the type of requirements and, through a dedicated bookshop, it will be possible to further promote the importance of the culture.

The Factory will hold workshops that will see the participation of different professionals in the industry.

In order to be part of the SSC family it is necessary to register, with limited access to only 1000 members worldwide. Everyone of the members will benefit with exclusive privileges, including priority access to raffles, participation in private events and free service in The Lounge area.