Membership 2021

Dear Friends, as all of you know the world has been shaken lately.
What happened obviously heavily impacted our plan. So lots of our project has been delayed.

But now to celebrate somehow the 2nd anniversary of our HQ opening we are, for a very limited period of time and for a very limited number of new members, opening our membership program again.

What does membership mean?

First of all it’s not about raffle, raffle is a benefit, but it doesn’t mean you will win for sure the most coveted shoes out there, it could happen but it couldn’t. Being a member it’s being a part of a community of like minded people that live, love and breath about kicks. It’s a place (mainly virtual by now) where family members meet to share experience and everything about kicks. If  you think it’s just about raffle, please don’t join SSC.

The membership program

The Membership program is without expiration date, it is NOW a lifetime membership. And consist of : The membership PACK, made by a SHOEHOLDER bag designed by our friend at PPW, a pair of Made in Italy SSC Socks (the one in the picture are just a prototype) and our yearly patch and pin, plus all other benefits as special releases, priority access to SPECIAL MILANO raffles, discounts and obviously the invite to all events that sooner or later we will start doing again.

Our main goal is to spread a little bit the sneaker culture, not the hype culture, and we will try to do it, through exhibition, printed material, digital storytelling and so on. And we need your help to make it properly.

Stay safe
And remember
#itsallaboutshoes #SSCMilan


(we are sorry the Membership program is now closed)